By subscribing as a SBCC subscriber you will receive a bundle of coffee – of your curation – on a monthly basis.


The concept for our subscription program is one based on flexibility, convenience, and control. We hold you to nothing. We aim to purely position ourselves to provide a regular and reliable coffee delivery system, to your door, monthly.

What it entails is being included into our small, growing, community of like-minded specialty heads who froth on coffee just as hard as we do.

The flexibility of how we have structured the program, however, allows you the creativity of customizing your drop even further by either adding another bag, or changing different coffees around – its all good, and as easy as dropping us a message.

The process goes as follows: You get added onto a whatsapp group (no spam, trust) –> Using this platform our roastery manager, Jed, relays what coffee makes up the 500g included in the month’s drop –> you have the freedom to decide to opt in, or out –> if opting in, the coffee will be delivered to your address within the first two days of the new month and you will be invoiced accordingly.

The goal which we have in our cross hair is fundamentally a communal one. We want to create a platform for our followers on which we can share more information with each other, learn from one another, brew differently, and extract better. We want to facilitate excitement about coffee, grow awareness of specialty amongst our immediate reach, and just stretch the connectivity of the specialty value chain.

Subscribers also gain exclusive access to pre-released specialty coffees at basically cost price!


  • 500g Alternative Blend
  • Delivered to your door


  • Rotation of 500g single origin coffees
  • Delivered to your door
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