Dubbed a 'foundational specialty coffee training course' Over-Dosed is our training program in which we hope to primarily provide an educative, informative, and stimulating space surrounding specialty coffee. The intention is to have attendees leave the course with a ground level, working, understanding of what is meant by the loaded term "specialty". This is dealt with through a quick theoretical dive into the fundamentals of the industry, as well as a book on specialty coffee which each attendee will receive to take home. It must be stressed here that the idea is to instill a basic understanding of specialty coffee and to evoke an interest for further investigation.


On a practical level, the course will cover an intermediate introduction into the basics of pulling espresso shots well out of an espresso machine. The fundamentals of milk frothing and latte pouring will also be covered. Finally, a stop will be made at manual brewing which will predominantly cover pour overs. Here first hand experience on how certain parameters affect the brewing of coffee will be examined; parameters such as coffee origin, roast profile, temperature, time, volume, and grind size.

On completion of the course a certificate will be granted to each attendee.
The three hour course will leave the attendee with a good understanding of what specialty coffee entails,
how to pull a good espresso shot, the groundwork for how to steam milk and pour latte art,
and a good foundational knowledge into brewing coffee through a v60 and how different roast profiles,
grind sizes and volumes affect both the brewing method and the eventual taste.
Improve your home brewing and equip your understanding of coffee.
Begin your venture into the complexity of specialty coffee. Come get Over-Dosed.
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