Introducing the Sbcc Coffee Subscription

What would a cathedral be without its congregation? A rock show without it’s screaming fans? An artist without its critics?
The same is true of our humble enterprise of creativity. Without a community we cease to exist. Thus, the central pillar to our endeavor are our companion expressionists.

With this we introduce formal passage into our coffee colony:

The mechanics:

  • By subscribing as a Sbcc subscriber you will receive a bundle of coffee – of your curation – on a monthly basis.
  • By means of a debit order, your bundle will be sent to you on the 1st of each month
  • This means your worries for monthly coffee will be our responsibility.

The benefits:

  • Exclusive access to promotions and specials designed for Sbcc subscribers.
  • 10% off any drink in store – any day, any time.
  • Subscription will also afford you the advantage of being kept abreast with Sbcc news
    • New roasts, upcoming events, coffee courses, etc.

Curate your Caffeine bundle:

The Expressionist

  • 3 x 250g bags consisting solely from our specialty range.
  • R 295 p/month

The workhorse

  • 2.5 kg of coffee (2kg of our Alternative blend | 2 x 250g from our specialty range)
  • R 570 p/month

The gambler

  • 1kg of coffee (4 x 250g at random – we determine your monthly stash)
  • R 340 p/month

Further personalization:

  1. Add an extra 250g bag – from any of our ranges – to any bundle for an extra R 75
  2. Add a Coffee Magazine to any bundle for an extra R 39