V60 pour over

V60 pour over

Grind your coffee, the finer the grind the stronger the brew will be as more surface area of the coffee will be exposed to water.
Begin with a ration of 17g coffee to 250ml water.

Boil your kettle to around 95’C

Place the paper filter into the v60 and rinse it through with boiling water to remove any papery taste and to warm up the brewer.
Then add your coffee.

Place the v60 onto a jug or cup and then onto a scale.

Pour around 40ml of water over the coffee, ensuring all the coffee is exposed to water, and allow it to bloom for around 30 seconds.

Slowly pour the rest of the water over the coffee, consisted with your ratio. Try pour directly over the coffee and not along the walls of the filter.

Allow the water to drip through until the bed of coffee looks dry; it should be a relatively flat base of coffee.

Remove the paper filter and discard the coffee grounds.
Pour over into your cup and enjoy the good shit.