The Aeropress is an extremely diverse brewing method and allows one to be creative. Although there are several techniques to making it, we will share our favourite way; the inverted method.

Grind your coffee.
For a short strong cup use a ratio of around 25g of coffee to 250ml of water.
For a regular cup try a ration of around 18g of coffee to 250ml of water.

Boil your kettle to 95’C

Place a filter into the filter holster and run your boiled water through it to wash out any papery taste.
Also run boiled water through the brewer to warm it up.

Insert the Aeropress piston about 2cm into the brewer, turn the device upside down and place it onto a scale.

Add your coffee, present around 40ml of water over the coffee, give it a swirl and allow the coffee to bloom for 40 seconds.

Add the rest of your water, consistent with your ration, and allow to brew for four minutes.
Insert the filter holster into the Aeropress.

Flip the Aeropress around and place onto your cup. Allow the coffee to settle.

Slowly push down the piston which will extract the liquid into the cup and enjoy the good shit.