Alt roast 3 Resized


Batches charged with the artistic intent of expression.

Emphasis is placed on the complex flavour characteristics of specific coffees and to highlight these unique notes.

In the palatability of our cups, we pursue distinctiveness and complexity.

– Accentuation of the coffee over the roaster –

We are committed to the Speciality Coffee Industry.

We confess and pledge to source consciously. roast alternatively. and extract expressively.


Roast profile intended to produce a more classic and approachable cup. These roasts tend to bring deeper base notes to the fore which contributes to a heavier body, have lower acidity and generally go well with milk.


Roast profiles designed with an intent at edginess. These roasts typically produce complex piquant brews, have lower body coupled with higher levels of acidity.

These roasts do well in alternative brewing methods, are distinctive in character and are intended to be consumed black.