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From planting to the daily ritual of brewing; coffee is steeped in complexity and it is a complexity to which we as Sbcc are committed.

Throughout its journey – across borders, through countless hands, and in infinite forms – Coffee has a reverberating ripple effect in people and on community. We wish to tap into this creative well of coffee and out of it unleash a contagious positivity.


We toil to consciously select our green beans, to not only provide us with the most compelling and intricate feels and flavours; but which will concurrently and positively benefit the wider industry; specifically the agricultural aspect the industry.

Admittingly, we are still young in this market and so we actively absorb all the information we can gather in this field, from friends, suppliers and colleagues, so as to constantly broaden our awareness and to use our capital in the best and most positive manner for farmers, suppliers and consumers.

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The creative vastness, emulated by the process of roasting, provides us with a means of expression. As a micro-roastery, we focus on small batch roasting and so exude a hands-on, hand-crafted, specialized, approach to roasting coffee of the highest grade.

We are captivated by the aesthetic capacity of coffee. With each speciality coffee we roast, we roast with the intention of highlighting the key charisma of a bean so as to bring out the key notes which lay imbedded.
We perceive coffee, in its entirety and specifically in the roasting hereof, as a dynamic and organic substance. Rooted in this fluidic nature we believe each cup of coffee to have the capacity in being a unique experience, rather than a mundane task.

To this dynamic, organic and complex character we commit our roastery.

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Our fundamental philosophy to roasting naturally pours over into our brewing rationale. Gone are the days where coffee consists of two teaspoons of freeze dry, two sugars and a spoon of creamora.

Coffee brewing has become a religion of its own, a daily observance which consists of endemic sacred sacraments, liturgy and customs. It’s a ritual which brings meaning, sets in motion and connects humans. We love it.
It’s also a process perfectly suited for self-expression as there are no set confines to coffee brewing. Rather, it involves a long process in which individual brewing preferences come to light, and with all things in life, become die hard habits.

Therefore, we encourage alternative, or manual, brewing of coffee as it is a platform on which the awesome capabilities of coffee can be properly commended. It also adds a personal flavour to your morning drink as it makes room to be manipulated to your taste.

Speciality coffee – consciously sourced, aesthetically roasted and creatively brewed – is our benediction to you.