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Caffeine suppliers

Cafés or restaurants

We understand that for many restaurant or café owners, coffee is not necessarily a passion; or even a first priority for that matter. For us, coffee is not only a profession of choice but a tangible passion, and therefore we would love to take on the caffeinated responsibility of your endeavour so as to match your dream with our passion.

We are geared to supplying clients with all things related to the art of coffee making.

  1. Supplying of coffee:
    First and foremost, we pride ourselves on reliably providing our clients with freshly roasted high quality coffee.
    To this end, we can curate a specific coffee plan for your specific café or restaurant.
    Contact us with your unique needs and we will set in motion a coffee scheme perfectly tailored to your requirements. (email us)
  2. Equipment:
    It doesn’t help we drop beans of at your shop with no means of brewing. Therefore, if required and coupled with your coffee scheme solution, can be included the hiring or purchasing of coffee equipment which best benefits your unique situation.
    What this means is, simply, that we can supply you with a coffee machine, and all that is coupled with the art of espresso making. There are several routes which can be taken and we would love to curate the solution which best suites your needs. (email us)
  3. Barista training:
    A large contributor to the taste of a coffee is dependent on the way it is prepared and the point of service. To this end, we place great emphasis on the baristas who serve our coffee and invest a lot of energy into training them accordingly.
    Therefore, included in our service is complementary training for your café’s baristas.

The Office

An office without good coffee is like a construction site without concrete – a fairly unindustrious environment.

Coffee is not only proven to promote creativity; it also maximizes moral. With this in mind, we compose coffee packages and services specifically tailored to your office space.

We offer a Pod Package for businesses, which entails us supplying your office with a NESPRESSO capsule machine – as well as providing you with coffee capsules filled with our Alternative blend at wholesale costing. Pretty simple.

We would love to sort out your office and workspace with all its caffeine necessities, so contact us to curate your coffee package.

Personal wholesale

We believe Coffee to be perfectly flexible and, based on this convction, should be perfectly moulded to your needs.

We offer marked-down prices on a calibrated scale ratio to the amount of coffee utilized on a monthly basis. We offer this service to channels such as offices, market vendors, guest houses or individuals who meet the required minimum to qualify for marked-down prices.

Again, we want to best match your needs – so contact us with your specific needs and we will work to create a custom-fit response.

Don’t hesitate; communicate.

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