The Sbcc Fable

In mid-2018 a significant surf trip took place which proved to be reverberatory. Amidst the Indonesian mystifying jungle slopes, the perfectly poised pits of the Indian Ocean, deluged within the humid aromas of spice which seem familiar but also don’t and engulfed by its unapologetically raw coffee culture; Simple bru Coffee Co. finds its roots. Upon return to the Rainbow Nation, and at the verge of his final academic stint in the Boland town of Stellenbosch, Jacques Pienaar established the Sbcc operation.

The second foundational facet of Sbcc, rests upon creative self-expression. Due to our deep seated conviction that we were destined to be rock stars comprehensively dashed by having been born with zero musical inclination, our natural next resort for artistic expression was the complex art of caffeine. Our enterprise is thus entwined with an expressive craving and is intent on articulating our personalities through the aesthetics innate to coffee.

As fate would have it, a garage operation quickly progressed and we were presented with the exceptional opportunity of establishing our roasting activities adjoined to the Reef South Africa surf shop in Tableview.
We jumped at the opportunity, and as the endeavour required extra pairs of hands Jacques’ school friends, Flippie Rosslee and Marcus Braun, were infected by the Sbcc amptitude, moved down from Joburg and jumped in. Subsequently, Marcus received opportunities abroad and so it came about that the consolidated team consisted of the Flip/Jacques duo.

On a cold morning in April 2019, our doors opened for the first time and our first espresso was extracted from our Brugnetti machine.

Immature, inexperienced and slightly intimidated we entered the industry which saw Flippie spending the most of our initial year bunking on several different couches and Jacques balancing Sbcc with Stellenbosch life (and studies). However, the energy we got out of the café, the comforting embraces of our first customers, the majority of whom have now become dear friends, and the lessens it afforded us fuelled us numerously over.

December 2019, represented an exciting time of ironic elation. We were considerably indebted but simultaneously super stoked, as our Golden Coffee Roaster arrived in our shop from Turkey. One should never be so happy at incurring debt, but it represented a progressive step in our mission of caffeine expressionism.

Our love for coffee – its complexity, its connectivity, its creativity – has considerably compounded since our incursion into the industry. Coffee is fundamentally a religion of its own; one which has enormously engulfed our imagination. The caffeinated religion is made up of its own customs, rituals, liturgy and sacraments.
To us it denotes purpose and is our means of art.

As religion would have it, coffee houses also represent sacred gathering places for people and with coffee acting as the medium of meeting. Over coffee; historically ground breaking decisions have been made, news has been shared, ideas conjured and smiles stimulated.

This is fantastically exciting to us.

Consequently; We invite you to our caffeine cathedral, to share in our caffeinated expression and to delve into the imaginativeness of coffee.

Speciality coffee – consciously sourced, Aesthetically roasted and Creatively brewed – is our benediction.

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